ZJ40 drawworks parts

Z03280000003AAAuxiliary brake system
Z03280200002AASupport, box body
5402650014WCB324 water cooled brake
P1700306AAOil seal seat
5300200121Oil seal PG140×170×16
4500100348Bearing 23024
P1400779AASpacer III
Z03280100002AASpoke, sprocket wheel
P5400030AAKey B36X300
P0000200AAGland, bearing
4313100008Spring washer 8
4300308025Bolt M8X25
P3000047AASprocket wheel
4300822070Bolt M22X70
4313100022Washer 22
4309300022Nut M22
P0200064AAPress plate, bearing
P0100441AAPress plate
P3000007AAConnection gear
4300830080Bolt M30x80
4313100030Spring washer 30
4309300030Nut M30
4320100016Standard type spring washer
4300816065Bolt M16X65
4101800008Oil cup M10X1
P0100785AAGuard cover
4313100010Washer 10
P2200390AABolt 3/8′-16UNC
Z03070000007AARight angle gear box
Z03070300002AABox body
P1700319AASeal shim
P7000077AABearing seat
4320100016Standard type spring washer
4301316035Bolt M16X35
4500100125Bearing NU2222
P2400298AAInput shaft
P6007905AAPress plate
4313100012Spring washer 12
4300512035Bolt M12X35
P1700320AASeal shim
P0100219AAEnd cover
4313100008Spring washer 8
4301308025Bolt M8X25
P6007896AASeal shim
4900500023Cycloidal gear pump
4313100010Washer 10
4301310035Bolt M10X35
P5400116AAKey B28X16X150
4500100456Bearing 352219E
P1400281AAShaft sleeve
5300100238O sealing ring φ92.5X3.55
5300200113Oil seal PG110X140X14
P0200063AABearing seat
P1000372AASeal shim
P7100445AAOil seal seat
4300508020Bolt M8×20
P5400115AAKey B25X14X127
P6202009AAPress plate
4300512030Bolt M12X30
P6202008AAPress plate
Z03140000002AAOutput plate
4500100457Bearing 352226E
P0200062AABearing seat
P2100552AARetaining pipe
P1400282AAShaft sleeve
4500100455Bearing NU2224
5300200120Oil seal 130x160x15
P7100446AAOil seal seat
5300100274O sealing ring φ118X3.55
P1400284AAShaft sleeve
P7100447AAOil seal seat
P1700318AASeal shim
P3000050AASprocket wheel
P5400119AAKey B32X18X168
P6202011AAPress plate
P6202012AALock washer
P6202010AAPress plate
P0000209AACoupling, guard
4300812050Bolt M12X50
4309300012Nut M12
4301316050Bolt M16x50
Z03070400002AAOutput shaft of fixed seat
Z03070200001AAOil filling port and oil stric assembly
QBJ120108Hexagon tapered bolt
P6202013AAShim plate, right support
P2200494AAConnection bolt M30×83
5402600142Air exhausting plug
P3300003AAGear Z=25
P3200005AABull gear
4301322110Bolt M22X110
4313100022Washer 22
4309300022Nut M22
P5400118AAKey A25X14X350
P1000371AAAdjusting shim
P1000389AAAdjusting shim
P1000388AAAdjusting shim
P1000386AAAdjusting shim
P1000374AAAdjusting shim
P1000390AAAdjusting shim
P1000392AAAdjusting shim
P1000393AAAdjusting shim
5300100756O sealing washer 383X5.3
4101800008Oil cup M10X1


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